Smart Business Courses

Deborah Lee's Executive MAsterMind Group

Aimed at the senior executive and entrepreneur who wishes to harness the full power of social media, this small mastermind group will ensure that your voice is unique, noticeable and enduring in an online world where 'fast-lived' is a constant.

These groups run twice a year and for a period of six weeks in total, with weekly interactive presentations and seminars taking place via webinar and follow-up one-to-one calls every fortnight. Sign up for notifications via the button below.

Deborah Lee's Smart business Masterclass  

If you feel like you're spending too much time on social media and email marketing with little to show for it, this is for you! Alternatively you may feel that you simply don't have what it takes to stand out.

Join this discrete yet highly supportive online course and yourself of the false demons holding you back and seize the power to take control of your online success. This course runs three times a year for a period of four weeks. Sign up below for news on our next launch date.

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