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The Best Bulletproof Coffee Recipe – Tried and Tested

best bulletproof coffee recipe

Who doesn’t love a really great cup of coffee? Can you think of a better way to get your day off to a power-packed start?

Not only does it add a spring to your step but it awakens the mind whilst saluting the taste buds!

I’m all about finding little hacks to get myself in the best possible cognitive and mental shape when I begin work every day, and coffee is always one of my staple go-to’s around 9am.

And in recent years I’ve found a way to supercharge that fabulous first cup even further… and that’s by making that beloved coffee bulletproof! I’ve been drinking this beauty for a couple of years now, so I’m keen to share our best bulletproof coffee recipe* with you – because all are not equal!

If you love your flat white in the morning or can’t quite cope with the idea of a life without latte, then read on…

What is bulletproof coffee?

Devised by entrepreneur and ‘bio hacker’ Dave Asprey, it’s a high-performance coffee-based hot drink that can have a massive impact on your cognitive and physical performance.

Not only does it give a tremendous boost it can also help reduce carb cravings and control your appetite.

To quote Dave Asprey…

Eating carbs in the morning will set you up for an energy spike and crash along with food cravings throughout the entire day. If you decide to test this for yourself, it will be blindingly obvious. Try having just Bulletproof Coffee instead of your usual breakfast and see how long it takes you to want food. For most people, it turns off the desire for food for at least 5 to 6 hours.

Made with high-quality filter coffee, MCT oil (a type of coconut oil – more on this later), and grass-fed butter, our best bulletproof coffee recipe is simple and easy to prepare.

Why drink bulletproof coffee?

Bulletproof coffee is said to your boost mood, improve physical performance, suppress appetite and act as an anti-inflammatory.

It’s very popular amongst those following low-carb, high-fat diets.

There are many potential health benefits associated with drinking coffee, these include helping protect against type 2 diabetes, liver disease, liver cancer, and promoting heart health. Of course, it should be pointed out that too much coffee is not advised, and drinking it later in the day may disrupt your sleep pattern – so if you’re wondering how much bulletproof coffee per day and when, the answers are one cup and first thing in the morning!

Another critical point here is that you must, must, MUST use excellent filter coffee – otherwise many of the benefits could be reduced or even eliminated. I always use Tiki Tonga Coffee – it’s truly superb quality and available in several delicious blends. Read on for more info on the amazing company behind these stunning beverages, founded and headed up by the captain of English Premiership Rugby champions Saracens, Brad Barritt.

best bulletproof coffee recipe

I only use MCT oil in my best bulletproof coffee recipe, never standard coconut oil and here’s why… MCT stands for ‘Medium-Chain Triglycerides, and is a form of saturated fatty acid offering many health benefits, they’re digested by the body quicker, heading straight for the liver where they can positively alter your metabolism.

In short, MCT oil helps suppress those pesky hunger pangs, helps you think more clearly and feel more energetic. Read more about MCT oil here.

And contrary to what was previously thought, fat is actually good for you. In fact, low-fat diets are now thought to be possibly life-threatening.

Our best bulletproof coffee recipe

I don’t mind admitting I like adding a few extras to my daily cup of magic, along with the basic ingredients I’ve listed above:

  • One cup of freshly-brewed high-quality filter coffee – don’t skimp here! I love Tiki Tonga Coffee blends, number 8 and 12
  • One tablespoon of MCT oil – It’s really important that you start with one teaspoon of MCT oil and build up to one tablespoon. Trust me on this… the outcome will not be good if you rush straight into having the full amount! I use this brand of MCT oil and would highly recommend it.
  • One teaspoon of grass-fed, unsalted butter – I know it sounds weird… but this is what gives our best bulletproof coffee recipe its creamy flavour and it makes it more satisfying, keeping you going until lunch time. Grass-fed butter is high in a short-chain fatty acid known as butyrate which can prevent and decrease inflammation in the body (excess inflammation has been linked to many diseases, including cancer). You can also use organic ghee – I really like this one.

Optional extras:

  • Collagen powder – a tasteless form of protein that will not only add to nutritional points, but will also help support your skin and connective tissue. I’ve tried several but am currently using this one. NOTE to vegans: collagen powder comes from animals.
  • Double cream – if you’re following a keto diet you may want to add a tablespoon of this delicious gorgeousness… Yum!


  • Filter coffee maker – I use a cafetiere or a one-cup Melita filter
  • High-power jug blender or immersion blender – please make sure your jug blender can take hot liquids, most won’t. I use a Vitamix but check out Blendtec models too. Alternatively you can use an immersion blender (‘stick’ blender) in a deep jug.


  • Brew your coffee – I like mine strong so I’ll leave it a minute or two longer.
  • Add some hot water to the jug blender if using – it helps warm the blades and will keep the coffee hotter
  • Empty the water (if using the jug blender!), pour your coffee in and add up to one tablespoon of MCT oil and one teaspoon of butter (see above)

Whizz it up! It will emulsify quickly leaving you with a creamy, delicious bulletproof coffee – E.N.J.O.Y!!!

We think you’ll appreciate why we call this the best bulletproof coffee recipe 😉

Watch our video below for the step-by-step process:

Here’s more about our friends at Tiki Tonga and why we 100% endorse their delicious coffee:

Tiki Tonga Coffee is a roastery that infuses a mutual love of coffee and sport. Sourcing only the finest beans from across the globe, Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters craft the most refined blends, with unlimited care and dedication. Offering flavours that will elevate the senses and pack the winning punch.

best bulletproof coffee

Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters is the vision of its two founders Brad Barritt and Justin Stockwell. Inspired by their mutual love of coffee and rugby, they have created a brand synonymous with passion and joy, forging a movement in distinctive blends, aimed at bringing people together.

Brad is a professional rugby player, for whom coffee forms part of his everyday life. He uses coffee and its caffeine component, as a natural stimulant to improve performance and exercise tolerance during rigorous training regimes. In his social life, it reunites friends, forges new relationships and strengthens allegiances amongst the closest of teammates.

Justin has a lifetime of experience in the coffee industry. As a professional, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Tiki Tonga Coffee Team. Away from work, he is an avid rugby supporter and through these mutual interests in life, albeit from opposite sides of the gym, so to speak, a friendship emerged and sparked the journey of Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters.

Whether you require a full-bodied energy boost to get busy living or a refined brew to relax with friends, we are sure to have you covered.”

Visit their site here and peruse their superb selection of coffees

Alternatively, call them on 01707 278400 – they also supply trade and corporate sectors

our best bulletproof coffee recipe

*Disclaimer: I am not medically qualified and am purely sharing this information from my own experience. If you are experiencing an unusual lack of energy or ability to concentrate then please consult your doctor.

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