Photography: Instagram Tips and Tricks


When it comes to ‘photography on the go’ teamed with split-second sharing there are few applications better than Instagram.

When I first laid hands on my iPhone 4 I went crazy – no, that would be an understatement – I went beserk with associated flashing lights and tooting horns for Instagram.

Not only did I lose hours taking and posting shots, I also went a little overboard with photo-editing apps. To date I have five folders worth of them … Do you think that’s enough? No, me neither … (I’ll be covering my favourite photo apps in a later post)

So what makes Instagram so addictive?

As I’ve already mentioned for me it’s the immediacy of it. But also I love the total lack of snobbery that you can get with some photo-sharing sites. You don’t get (or at least I haven’t seen) deflating comments such as “you had your shutter speed set too fast on that one”. Quite simply, in my Debsy book of photography law, it goes against the spirit of Instagram if you post images taken on a DSLR, upload and then post them; it’s for smartphones!

So … for anyone who’s new to Instagram here are a few pointers:

Instagram tips and tricks

  • Try and ensure your image is in focus; zoom in and check the clarity.
  • Use the move and scale to good effect … Nudging your image up or down, can have a dramatic effect on the finished result as does zooming in to crop down.
  • Play around with the filters; you’ll be surprised how different your photos can look.
  • ‘Like’ and comment on other users images … But be polite!
  • Use hashtags so that people can find your photos if they don’t follow you … i.e. #sunset #landscape #Devon
  • Look at the ‘popular’ page for inspiration
  • Don’t assume because you aren’t stood in front of an amazing vista that you can’t take an interesting image; some of my favourite shots were of flowers (see the pair of pink blooms above, taken in my aunt’s kitchen in the midst of it being decorated).
  • Have fun!


(All images featured were posted by me @debsylee on Instagram)