Paper roses … and glue gun fun!

It’s an example of how far I’ve come … Ten years ago my birthday presents were (for the most part) perfume or jewellery.

This year when my lovely mum asked what I’d like I had no hesitation. I wanted Bosch Glue Gun. I’d messed around with a £10 cheap one from Dunelm Mill for long enough; I was ready to move up to the big league.

It was possibly the best present I could have asked for! Nothing is safe from being stuck down now I have a heavy-duty one in my grasp. Quite simply … I love it. Sad? Yes … but I don’t care!

So today I set about making paper flowers with the assistance of my weapon of mass adhesion …

I love the contemporary feel of these paper roses. They have a Rennie Mackintosh feel about them and yet somehow they’re still delicate and dainty.

We’re about to roll out a new line of crafted flowers including these paper roses, including bouquets, single stems, flower garlands and even bunting. Suitable for weddings, parties, dinner tables and window dressing I’m very excited about the longevity they offer … You can leave your flowers in the garden to bloom to their hearts content!

I will of course keep you posted on developments … In the meantime please enjoy!