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Being a Social Media Human

Being human on social media

I make no bones about it… one of the aspects of social media that I’m less than enamoured with is the need that some feel to produce a constant barrage of updates demonstrating what a great life they’re living.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s natural to want to crow about the glamorous time you’re having, but getting the balance right when you convey that online is key to retaining a positive connection with your audience.

It’s so important to make sure people feel able to relate to you. Always be human. Too much “hey my life is so freaking fabulous and here’s the proof” and your followers will quickly disengage. Because let’s face it, they may be struggling for all sorts of reasons and your superhero act isn’t exactly going to be what the doctor ordered.

When you add a smattering of ‘one of us’ in your day-to-day observations you then become approachable. We can all relate to picking the checkout queue in the supermarket that never moves, but flying first class to Dubai? Not so much.

Inspirational is great. Aspirational is even better. Exasperational and deflational are not, nor are they real words, which is a shame because they would have worked perfectly.

Right. Enough for today. I need to go and put my dustbins out.

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