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The Next Big Thing – Stop Looking for It and Start Being It

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Many of us ventured online with the intention of standing out and getting noticed. But mostly all we’ve experienced is countless hours, days, months being taken up having nice conversations with little to show for it. If this sounds like you then the time has come to face up to the brutal reality that you’re not standing out and you’re not getting noticed.

Nice conversations are fabulous, but they won’t win you any business. I’ve had nice conversations with the same people are my son’s school gate for years, but none of them have bought from me or passed me a red-hot lead.

Do what everyone else is doing and you’ll always be searching for the next big thing. You’ll never actually be the next big thing.

That’s not to say that you have to dye your hair pink and start being deliberately obtuse at every given opportunity… But you do have to search for that unique something within you that nobody else can offer. And then you have to capitalise on it.

The chances are that you almost certainly take your strengths and characteristics for granted because you’ve lived with them for so long that they no longer hold any value to you. But these are your keys to social media success; your forgotten treasure in the attic, as it were.

A large proportion of time during my branding consultations is now spent on this very topic. Understanding the being that is you is critical and so I carefully profile each client to seek out the facts.

Knowing how your audience could benefit from you is vital, so what will you bring to the party? Maybe that cheap bottle of plonk that everyone turns up with needs to go and you need to take a look at what’s gathering dust in your cellar.

It’s time to try and unlearn all those lessons from long ago about conforming and fitting in. Please… dare to be different because the world of social media needs more of that.

Always be aware however that being different takes courage. But then if it were easy, everyone would be doing it… And that’s kind of the whole point.

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Michael says

I started out doing a search on “What women talk about with no men around” Which led me to a 2009 blog of yours. Which I didn’t think too much of. I was going to leave a ‘pushy’ kind of comment. i.e. Be something! But seeing the date did a web search and find you are now a web phenomenon! Guess I’ll keep quiet then!



Bobby says

Could not agree more with this. Looking for trends is a way to get by but creating something different is the only way to become legendary. Really good post.

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