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Email Lists: Here’s How Not to Build Them

email lists

There are many, many marketers out there who will tell you the secret to untold success and fortune is a huge email subscription list, and to be fair there is merit in that theory.

It does seem however that a few too many now adopt the ‘get email address at all costs and hang the consequences’ approach, and I have to tell you that such tactics cause me to want to digitally hunt them down and put them under cyber arrest for gross violation of my trust.

Let me paint the picture.

Last week I decided to reassess a few webinar platform options for a series of forthcoming social media training seminars. What I discovered was that my previous supplier is now quite expensive, and that a few pretenders to the crown have seemingly caught them up in terms of favourable reviews, feedback and dependability.

So I pinged them an online enquiry asking them to get in touch so that we might discuss the matter further.

The next day I received an email from a customer service representative asking what time she should call me, to which I duly replied with a specific time slot.

No call.

But have no fear … they have kept in touch! With a series of unwanted email newsletters telling me how to transform myself into a webinar superstar of epic proportions.

I didn’t want their emails. I wanted them to call me back. You know the thing where people pick up a phone and you both have an actual conversation?

This is exasperating on so many levels, because it tells me that organisations still have no concept of personal service or of the need to take ownership of an enquiry and handle it in such a way that the customer feels they’re one step closer to making the right choice.

Now I simply think this webinar outfit were more interested in my email address than my business.

And that’s more than a little bit crazy.


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Phil Revill says

This is brilliant. I also have a great unease about massive email marketing cam-pains (deliberate misspelling) that have little or no use to me, particularly when it was not the service I said I was interested in, especially when they are bad or simple design. Put some effort it, for goodness sake!

    debsylee says

    Indeed, Phil! All it needs is a little thought and creativity …

John W Lewis says

It seems paradoxical that, while large businesses are trying to figure out how to treat customers as they were treated years ago by their friendly corner shop, small businesses, which have the opportunity to do that, are still trying to behave like large businesses?

    debsylee says

    I couldn’t agree more, John. Sadly I think it comes down to a total lack of thought and/or attention to detail. They focus purely on getting numbers, but fail to even contemplate what those ‘numbers’ might want …

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