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What Your Boss Wishes You Knew About Digital Marketing

So I was in a meeting last month discussing digital marketing and the CEO turned around and said…

“Improve brand perception? Nobody around here knows how to use digital marketing to do that

“Are you sure?” I answered, more than a bit shocked.

“Nobody. All anyone talks about is creating viral videos of cats and how that’s ‘not our market’. How does that help us?”

I could see his point, but also I realised…

He’d been horribly misled on how digital marketing could help his business.

If this sounds like the type of business you’re a part of, this is for you. And your boss.

Plant a Content Marketing Strategy Now and See it Bloom All Year

To keep things simple, I’ve broken things down into 4 categories for any small to medium sized business to get its teeth into:

  • The Visual Craze
  • Nurturing Loyalty
  • Exemplary Service
  • Smart Strategies

Of course some do lap over into each other, but for now let’s keep things relatively simple.

The People Love Video, Give Them Video!


Every study that hits our screens confirms what we already suspected, video consumption isn’t just huge – it’s going through the roof. 82% of Twitter users watch video on the platform and YouTube now boasts more than a billion users, which is around a third of internet users in its entirety.

Have no fear… you don’t need to produce on-camera performances of Oascar-winning standard.

There are many ways to create engaging videos that you can create sat in your favourite old T-Shirt. If that’s your thing.

Check out Buzzfeed videos on YouTube and you’ll see that while they may be a step or two ahead of what you’re currently capable of, the structure is straightforward and with the help of an easy-to-use online video creation tool you’ll soon be ahead of the rest.

I’ll be posting soon about my favourite tools, but do check out some of the amazing smartphone apps available, such as Ripl.

Just to be clear, I’m not advocating copying (you know who I hate that…), I just want you to know that creating your own video content does not need to keep you awake at night.

Using Intelligent Digital Marketing to Nurture Brand Loyalty

In an ideal world (or one that’s close to it), we’d find a new customer and then they’d proceed to fall more in love with us over time, recommending us to everyone they know and pacing repeat business with us whenever possible.

I’m talking about going a couple steps ahead of lifecycle marketing; here we’re talking about seeking opportunities to strengthen the connection between you and your customer after they’ve placed an order.

Through carefully crafted email marketing launched as an after-sales process, you build trust and credibility – as long as you don’t see the exercise as oa huge sales pitch because that causes everyone to reach for the ‘unsubscribe’ button.

Start creating the map of where you want to take your customer, what information and news articles they’re likely to benefit from folloiwng purchase, together with your views, plans and aspiration as a business moving forward.

Your digital marketing strategy should cross as wide a number of contact platfroms as possible.

The journey isn’t over once someone has bought from you; it’s actually just beginning.

Influencer Marketing as Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy: Yes or No?

The jury seems to be well and truly out on the topic, so let me wade in…

Unless you have a substantial amount of money to secure the support of an absolute social media titan as Weight Watchers did when they signed up DJ Khaled, I’d be tempted to hang onto your folding a while longer.

That’s not to say that support from on high isn’t helpful, of course it is – but paying large sums of money in the hope that it’ll extend your digital marketing reach is futile. Better to invest in a targeted content marketing campaign to send you climbing the Google rankings.

Despite what everyone maybe saying about social media marketing, your website is still your castle so don’t spend too long planting flowers in someone else’s backyard.

Should You be Using Facebook Chatbots?

If your customer base can typically be found on Facebook, then chatbots have to be worth exploring.

Content Marketing Strategy
Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

Essentially a computer programme will mimic typical customer service responses rather you or a member of your team, so this could be a responsive timesaver when everything is going smoothly, but a potential thorn in your side if your customer has a specific issue they need to discuss with a real human.

I’ve already mentioned that using any online tool in a way that swims in a different direction form the rest is what will get you noticed, so take a look at these creative ways to use chatbots

Do bear in mind that as with anything automated, there will be pros and cons

There’s only one secret when it comes to digital marketing for every business, and because I like you I’m going to leave it with you…

Keep ahead of what’s going on, then work out how to use it to stand out – that’s really it.


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