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5 Ways to Ease the Pain of ‘Creative Block’

I’ve just finished a book* that very succinctly outlines how to master a number of social media platforms. It was funny, edgy, cheeky … A bit like me, but formatted for Kindle.

It clearly demonstrated how to succeed and fail on most sites citing numerous examples of how well-known brands (and some lesser known) had got it right or by contrast (cue dramatic music) horribly wrong. So very, very wrong.

The overriding message that subliminally came through with each chapter was a familiar one …

“Create gripping content …. create mind-blowing content …. create exceptional content …”

And as I finished the book, dear reader, I don’t mind admitting that I sighed.

Because I’m pretty sure that we all know by now that we should be aiming to produce fabulous content.

As I skip out of bed each morning with a smile on my lips and a song in my heart to greet the new day, the thing I most want to do is to create some great content.

Sadly I didn’t need to spend another £8.99 to be told that the secret to untold wealth and riches started with creating great content.

No. I did not.

I was avidly waiting for the chapter entitled “What to do when you’ve reached deep down into your soul and …. there is no great content, YOU FRAUD!”

Because some days I stare at a blank screen … and I stare at a blank screen … I might type a couple of bland sentences that are an embarrassment to the English Language … I stare at a blank screen some more … I nip onto Pinterest to look at some recipes and pictures of designer cocktail dresses … I stare at a blank screen some more … And then I log off because it’s time to pick my son up from school.

Days like that are exhausting, let me tell you.

Really, I’m being serious. They’re exhausting because I end the day, a day so full of promise that started with me singing to the birds like Lincolnshire’s answer to Julie Andrews, with no harvest, no produce, no pie in the social media oven … Nothing, nada, zilch to show for it.

So … what’s to be done?

  1. Accept that ‘writer’s (or ‘content creator’s’ in this case) block’ happens to everyone. It doesn’t mean you’ll never create anything of value again … Your Yin maybe misaligned with your Yang, you Ant isn’t talking to your Dec or simply … you’re just not in the mood. Fear not. Put the kettle on and enjoy a cup of your hot beverage of choice.
  2. Go and ‘big up’ other members of your online community. Offer advice if anyone is asking for it, compliment their latest fabulous blog post (don’t snarl … just do it, mardy pants) but whatever you do ….
  3. Don’t moan and whinge on social media. Remember my mantra: “never whine online”.
  4. Set yourself an unrelated goal, business or otherwise. Plan in detail the steps you’ll need to take to achieve that goal. In other words … step away from the problem, baby. Go and create something else somewhere else.
  5. Talk to a friend who makes you smile. Laughter is medicine. After half an hour of a few good belly laughs you may still not be able to sit and create anything, but boy … you will feel a lot better.

They are my suggestions … Do you have more you could add? Please comment below and share your useful little nuggets with us all.

And if you’re still searching for your fabulousness, just remember that even the sun can’t shine in the same place for twenty-four hours a day either.

*Good manners restrain me from naming and shaming … and to be fair it is a half-decent book 😉

Photo credit: James Vaughan

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Britte Miller says

A most excellent book has helped me break through big time, for creatives on being creative by a most awesome creative herself. “If you want to write: A book about Art, I Independence, and Spirit” written by Brenda Ueland back in 1938!

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