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Connect, Create, Change – Three Steps to Staying Social

Simplicity is a much underrated format. Sadly we all too often become bogged down in identifying a thousand and one ways to overcomplicate the most straightforward of topics. In actual fact ‘a thousand and one’ is probably far too low an estimate.

And in the quest to be the best, the biggest and the most popular social media user of all we can all too easily become wrapped up in analytics, data and metrics that in effect do little more than create a diversion from the simple facts … And the facts are remarkably simple.

You don’t need to pay anyone thousands of pounds to tell you what you need to do create a walking, talking social media success story.

It’s all about the three C’s …

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As soon as you and I have uttered our first ‘hello’ on social media, we have a connection. The ice is broken. We’re no longer ships that pass in the digital night.

It can be too easy to miss the opportunity to establish dialogue when we blindly make an assumption that the person in question isn’t someone we need to get to know. Don’t make assumptions that are based on nothing more than a hunch; build your connections.


Creativity plays a huge part in developing your social relationships. Purely presenting your content in the way you always have will never be enough to sustain the attention of your newfound audience because, to put it bluntly, they’ll dismiss it in favour of the next dynamic, compelling and alluring post on their timeline.

Continually producing interesting and compelling content that is genuinely useful* to the reader will ensure they come back, and maybe even pass it on to their network. The longer you do this, the more solid the foundations that bind you to your audience become.

(*Please don’t try and shoehorn your sales pitch into the term ‘useful’ here … Trust me, it won’t fit)


Have you heard talk of Twitter being over and of Facebook spiralling into a nosedive? Me too.

The truth is that both platforms are changing and will continue to do so in terms of functionality, but here’s the more important aspect to consider: users are getting bored with ‘same old, same old’ content.

If you’ve had an active presence for a couple of years on any social site and have noticed a drop-off in activity, it probably isn’t them … it’s you. Or your content to be more specific.

Social media is as busy as it ever was, but with ‘busy’ comes ‘noisy’. The savvy social animal knows they have to change how they present their content in order to get continue being noticed and heard (note that I’m not telling you to change your content … just how you present it)

Data and analytics are great to a point but never forget that social media is driven by people, not sophisticated software. When you learn to tap into what drives people, then you’re really onto something 😉

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Rachael P says

Yes!!!! Keep it simple is exactly right. Great post 🙂

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