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What Grandma Taught Me About Social Media (and Other Useful Things)

Social media basics

  My grandma was never the type to sit you down and give you the hard word about anything. I remember her as a very sweet, kind old lady who never uttered anything unkind about anybody. In effect, she was the perfect grandma. She was never outspoken, and she was always eager to please. The […]

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SEO Tips for Small Businesses

SEO small business

Many thanks to Susan Hindley of Canary Dwarf  for this very useful guest post: If you run a small business, optimising your website for search engines can be a real headache. Changes to the way search engines display meaningful results to its users are hard to keep up with, and learning them takes up your […]

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Social Media: Make Sure You’re Seen in 2017

It’s around this time of the year that you’ll see a thousand and one headlines announcing the big trends for the new year that’s almost upon us. I’m not gifted in the ways of forecasting, with crystal ball or otherwise, so alternatively I’ll share my opinion on the areas that we should pay attention to […]

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Want to Give Good Social Media? Start by Being NICE

Social Media advice

  Here’s the thing with social media: everyone has days when we feel like our message is falling flat. It’s as if nobody’s listening; everyone has gone off to a different party and forgotten to invite us along. It’s almost as if you’re the unpopular kid at school; nobody wants to talk. So what’s happened? […]

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How to Avoid Being an ‘Excuse Victim’

victim of excuses

The prospect of making big changes and or starting out on huge new projects is daunting, let’s face it. We might get a few butterflies in the tummy at the thought of getting started, but for me there is always this teeny voice in the background saying “errrr …. are you really sure about this?” […]

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