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Working for Nothing – Why it’s Time to Say ‘No’

Working for Nothing

My close friends will tell you that my biggest bugbear is being expected to work for free. Try as I might to rein my frustration in, occasionally I have been known to go ‘pop’ on being told someone wants to ‘pick my brains’ on how to establish a really great social media campaign. Over coffee. […]

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Employment Disputes: Advice for Business & SMEs to Minimise the Risks

  Employment disputes in the workplace cost time and money, with the fear of tribunal often acting as a significant barrier for businesses, particularly SMEs. As an employment barrister I have seen first-hand the impact that employment tribunals can have, the drawbacks aren’t just monetary (as the costs fall to businesses), but also include stress […]

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Too Vulnerable for Social Media? Why Businesses Need to Toughen Up

Vulnerable for Social Media

In the course of my work I see many examples of organisations who have taken to social media quite easily, interacting well with their followers and responding in a timely fashion. I also see too many companies who have created profiles and yet appear to have given little consideration as to how they should be […]

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Hold That Rant! Five Points to Consider Before You Let Rip on Social Media

Rip on Social Media

  We all know how it feels to be on the receiving end of bad service, and without doubt the realisation that you’ve been duped is one of the most irritating sensations known to man. There’s no two ways about it … some things really do seem quite unjust. Indeed, some actually are unjust. But […]

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Why Would I Want to Listen to You (and Then Buy From You)?

Business clothes tips

  Non-verbal communication expert Sarah Setterfield looks at how our clothes can improve our chances of business success: This is probably the question going through the mind of every person you are selling to and quite rightly so.  Can you stack the odds in your favour though?  Well I think you can… I was reading […]

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