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Five Tips for an Aspiring Boss Lady

If you’re ready to take on the title of Boss Lady of All Business She Doth Involve Herself In, then I have good news for you. In fact I have great news for you. There’s never been a better time to cut the cord with your employer and strike out on your own. In this […]

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Self-Sabotage: Why it’s Time to Rewire Your Brain


I’ve contemplated the notion of self-sabotage for many years, and during that time I’ve concluded that you really can’t trust your brain. It will play tricks on you. It loves you, but it will deceive you and think nothing of it. Stay with me here, and take a look at the device you’re reading this […]

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Forget the Sales Pitch: How to Use Social Media to Drive Sales [Infographic]

There’s lots of talk out there about social selling, and the messages range from ‘don’t do it’ right through to some involved strategies that take ongoing analytics into account. One thing that has struck me (and the saleswoman that lurks within) is that I’ve yet to read about the buying cycle. “What’s the buying cycle?” […]

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9 Top Tips on How to Write a Bestselling Book

I’m so thrilled that my friend, the best-selling author and rather fabulous Dee Blick, has agreed to share some of her boundless wisdom to get us started on the road to a literary blockbuster. Sit back, enjoy… and send out a few early Christmas gifts by sharing it with your friends. With the power to […]

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Email Lists: Here’s How Not to Build Them

There are many, many marketers out there who will tell you the secret to untold success and fortune is a huge email subscription list, and to be fair there is merit in that theory. It does seem however that a few too many now adopt the ‘get email address at all costs and hang the […]

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