How to Properly Care for Your Eyes


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I’m delighted to feature this article on eye care from Lilian Statham; as I spend practically every working day either glued to a computer screen or on the other end of a camera it’s particularly relevant for me! – Debs

Poet, painter, and print maker William Blake once proclaimed that the eyes were “the windows of the soul.” This description isn’t far from the truth. In actually, our eyes are akin to windows in that they are the way in which we see the world. Our vision not only helps guide us through life, but it also gives us a glimpse into the beauty surrounding us. As a result, we naturally put great stock in our ability to see what is around us. Because of the amazing things that our eyes do for us and allow us to witness, it would only seem just that we’d provide them with the best care possible. However, our eyes are one of the things that we neglect the most.

Whether you wear eye glasses, contact lenses, or have perfect vision, it’s important that you maintain your eye sight as you would any other part of your body. Similarly to getting an annual physical, it’s imperative that you undergo yearly eye exams, especially if you have problems with your vision. In addition, you should also wear protective eye gear when you play certain sports like squash where the opportunity for eye injuries are very high. If you do notice a change in your eye sight or are experiencing anything peculiar or unnatural with your eyes, you must see an eye care professional: remember you should be just as vigilant with the condition of your eye sight as you are with your teeth, heart, or any other aspect of your body.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Because your vision is a significant part of maintaining your health, it’s vital that you get your eyes examined on a regular basis. Eyecare experts recommend that you get your eyes checked every two years. Most people believe that eye exams are only necessary if you have vision problems; however, eye exams are like any other health examination as they can detect many general health problems and early signs of eye issues you may have even if you are unaware of the symptoms. If found early, these conditions can be treated before they become a major problem. Besides getting your eyes examined, you should also adhere to a diet rich in nutrients that will keep your eyes healthy. According to numerous studies, antioxidant vitamins found in certain foods have been connected to eye health and aid in the maintenanc
e of healthy cells and tissues in the eye. Vitamins found in fruits such as grapefruits, kiwis, and oranges and in vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, kale, spinach, and green peas are very good for managing the health of your eyes.. Nuts, seeds, and dairy products are all also good sources of nutrients for the eyes.

Always Wear Protection

Although most contact sports require the use of eye protection, there are still many athletes who choose not to protect their eye sight. By not safeguarding your eyes while playing sports, you risk a multitude of eye injuries, some of which can even lead to blindness. In addition, you could damage your Acuvue contact lenses by not wearing adequate eye protection. Protecting your eyes off the court or field is just as essential. Just as you protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen, you must also shield your eyes from the sun’s UV rays. Be sure to wear sunglasses on bright, sunny days and eye protection whenever you use indoor tanning units.

Lilian Statham is a blogger who writes for health and nutrition websites. She wears glasses and lives in London with her two-year old son and an English Bulldog named Tabitha.

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How can I be old when I’m still growing up? (a birthday post)


Today I reached a milestone in terms of birthdays; the biggest one yet, I’d say. And I feel compelled to write a little blog post about it because we women don’t tend to ‘do’ age very well, and that’s always confused me somewhat.

Over the last few months as I’ve approached this landmark, several ‘friends’ (not all, admittedly) have gasped in horror, offered their commiserations and stated out loud that they were dreading reaching this wonderful age themselves.

I find it perplexing that others find getting older so depressing, and here are a few reasons why:

• My grandma died when she was 42, leaving a husband and two daughters aged 17 and 7 (my mum). She never got to see what old age looked like.
• I’ve made lots and lots of mistakes! Life has a way of teaching you lessons along the way. The day you start paying attention to them is the day your life starts to improve.
• I eat a good diet, full of fresh vegetables, green tea and water. The old adage “you are what you eat” is an old adage for a reason; put crap in and you get crap out. Be good to your body and it will be good to you.
• I’m emotionally stronger than I have ever been. Face up to the fact that bad things happen in life and find your inner resources to deal with them. The good news is that the bad times don’t last forever (a bit like childbirth .. ha!)
• Kindness reaps dividends. It doesn’t take much to show someone kindness, and it does have a habit of working its way back to you. You have to take my word on this. Try it and see if I’m not right!
• Being happy is a lot more fun than the alternatives. I honestly do think we make a conscious decision to have a smile on our face or not (in most instances). ‘Happy’ looks better on me.
• I’ve learned to say goodbye- there are times when you have to turn and walk away from people. It’s not easy if you practice the kindness as mentioned, but there is never an excuse for deceit, downright nastiness or abuse. Dig into that emotional strength and walk away.
• My body is in better shape today than it’s ever been- thanks to yoga, a bit of fair-weather running (I don’t do rain, snow or ice!) and a good diet, I’m a UK size 8.
• I now know and appreciate quality. This truly has come with age for me, but I can sniff the most expensive scent out in a perfume house at twenty paces. No problem.
• My achievements have taken some time! I don’t always do things the easy way ;)
• I’ve learned to sleep on it. Everything looks better after a good nights sleep. Everything.
• I care less these days about what people think of me- of course we all want to be adored, but the truth is that there will be people in life who will take against you for no good reason. It says more about them than you, every time.
• Perfection I’m not- I try my best and I fail sometimes. But I’ll get up and try again.
• I’m grateful. I learned a long time ago to stop obsessing about what I didn’t have and appreciate everything I did have.
• My first fifty years have been a blast! I had to keep my age until the end so that you carried on reading ;)

So in conclusion let me just say this:

You can let your age define you, or refine you. It’s your choice.

Now please excuse me …. I have to go and rock my fifties :)

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Fantastic fireplaces … a Grand Old Lady update!

So … we’ve been in our lovely new home for four weeks now, and whilst I’d be lying if I’d said they’d been four weeks without incident I can say with certainty that we’ve fallen more in love with the place.

She’s a big old place, that is without doubt. But she oozes character and detail from every nook and cranny you peer into.

When it comes to her unique and utterly gorgeous features I’d have to rate fireplaces as up there amongst my personal favourites. I’ve taken the liberty of capturing the main ones here to share them with you (including the newly-recommissioned AGA in our kitchen … hooray!)

Please forgive the hastily-arranged ornaments and dressing; we’re still in the process of documenting what we have and where it’s all going to go. But we’re in and boy, are we warm!