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Want to Give Good Social Media? Start by Being NICE

Social Media advice

  Here’s the thing with social media: everyone has days when we feel like our message is falling flat. It’s as if nobody’s listening; everyone has gone off to a different party and forgotten to invite us along. It’s almost as if you’re the unpopular kid at school; nobody wants to talk. So what’s happened? […]

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5 Tips for Social Media Effectiveness

  Great news! We’re all on social media! We’re on Twitter, Facebook (personal), Facebook (business pages), GooglePlus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, Vine, Tumblr … Phew. Did I miss any out? We’ve all created accounts. So that must be it, right? We’ve done it, surely? We can all now relax and go back to our day […]

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Social Media Made Easy: the EAT Principle

Social Media Made Easy

Most people are quite surprised when they realise how straightforward the core steps of a successful social media campaign can be. Put quite simply, I describe it as ‘the EAT Principle’ … Engagement – To initiate the interest of others, be interested in others. It’s that simple. As I’ve mentioned previously, it doesn’t matter how […]

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