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Too Vulnerable for Social Media? Why Businesses Need to Toughen Up

Vulnerable for Social Media

In the course of my work I see many examples of organisations who have taken to social media quite easily, interacting well with their followers and responding in a timely fashion. I also see too many companies who have created profiles and yet appear to have given little consideration as to how they should be […]

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Hold That Rant! Five Points to Consider Before You Let Rip on Social Media

Rip on Social Media

  We all know how it feels to be on the receiving end of bad service, and without doubt the realisation that you’ve been duped is one of the most irritating sensations known to man. There’s no two ways about it … some things really do seem quite unjust. Indeed, some actually are unjust. But […]

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What Grandma Taught Me About Social Media (and Other Useful Things)

Social media basics

  My grandma was never the type to sit you down and give you the hard word about anything. I remember her as a very sweet, kind old lady who never uttered anything unkind about anybody. In effect, she was the perfect grandma. She was never outspoken, and she was always eager to please. The […]

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Five Signs Social Media is Taking Over Your Life

social media addiction

It’s great how so many of us have seamlessly integrated social media into our lives so that it’s effortlessly become part of us and what we do. But could there ever be a time when things just go too far? I think so. Take a look at my list of ‘don’t-do-evers’ … do any sound […]

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Social Media: Make Sure You’re Seen in 2017

It’s around this time of the year that you’ll see a thousand and one headlines announcing the big trends for the new year that’s almost upon us. I’m not gifted in the ways of forecasting, with crystal ball or otherwise, so alternatively I’ll share my opinion on the areas that we should pay attention to […]

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