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Your Online Presence: Does Yours Help or Hinder You?

Strong Online Presence

  Relax! This won’t be an exercise in disinfecting your online presence to the point of sucking all the amusement out of it. The joy police aren’t beating down the door. Please trust me when I say I’m the biggest fan of finding humour in pretty much every situation. It helps me to cope with […]

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Connect, Create, Change – Three Steps to Staying Social

Simplicity is a much underrated format. Sadly we all too often become bogged down in identifying a thousand and one ways to overcomplicate the most straightforward of topics. In actual fact ‘a thousand and one’ is probably far too low an estimate. And in the quest to be the best, the biggest and the most popular […]

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Accept it, You’re not Beyoncé – Social Media for Small Businesses

Social Media for Small Business

Big brands and even bigger personalities … they have it all, don’t they? The slick, well-designed Facebook pages, the ultra cool ‘n’ creative Instagram posts, the brilliant short, sweet tweets that get shared around the world in a heartbeat. They’ve got every conceivable base covered brilliantly on every platform, emerging or otherwise. And the public […]

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Red Alert! These Social Media Myths Could Derail Your Potential

A new project, initiative or concept inevitably comes with the odd preconceived notion or two as to what to expect. We listen to what other people are saying, we get the mainstream media’s view and we may even refer back to previous experience to gain some sort of familiar gauge. And whenever a new business […]

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Why We Still Fail Online…

Having a sales background has taught me many things, the least of which is that if you want to appeal to as many people as possible then you don’t give them a reason to dislike you. But when it comes to social media, it’s difficult when we have a strong opinion or something we need […]

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