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Redefining ‘Community’ – The Real Power of Social Media

When social media landed a few years ago, many of us scratched our heads for a while before we set about sharing the details of our takeaway sushi lunch with the world. At the time it felt important, but a few weeks down the line we couldn’t help but think these platforms were designed for […]

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Connect, Create, Change – Three Steps to Staying Social

Simplicity is a much underrated format. Sadly we all too often become bogged down in identifying a thousand and one ways to overcomplicate the most straightforward of topics. In actual fact ‘a thousand and one’ is probably far too low an estimate. And in the quest to be the best, the biggest and the most popular […]

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At-a-Glance Guide to the Social Landscape

Social media … it ain’t what it used to be. As more platforms emerge, it’s good to reassess the sites in which we’re investing our time to ensure they’re likely to yield positive results for our business. Here’s a useful infographic that helps define the strengths and weaknesses of the eight leading social networking sites […]

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Accept it, You’re not Beyoncé – Social Media for Small Businesses

Social Media for Small Business

Big brands and even bigger personalities … they have it all, don’t they? The slick, well-designed Facebook pages, the ultra cool ‘n’ creative Instagram posts, the brilliant short, sweet tweets that get shared around the world in a heartbeat. They’ve got every conceivable base covered brilliantly on every platform, emerging or otherwise. And the public […]

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Email Lists: Here’s How Not to Build Them

There are many, many marketers out there who will tell you the secret to untold success and fortune is a huge email subscription list, and to be fair there is merit in that theory. It does seem however that a few too many now adopt the ‘get email address at all costs and hang the […]

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