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The Power of Being Yourself

Being Yourself Bruce Lee-style

“Just be yourself.” We hear it every day, so why do we allow ourselves to get swamped by advice telling us how to stand out from the crowd? Staying true to yourself may seem like the obvious thing to do but often our indecision causes us to falter. Here’s some evergreen wisdom from ten heavyweights […]

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Your Online Presence: Does Yours Help or Hinder You?

Strong Online Presence

  Relax! This won’t be an exercise in disinfecting your online presence to the point of sucking all the amusement out of it. The joy police aren’t beating down the door. Please trust me when I say I’m the biggest fan of finding humour in pretty much every situation. It helps me to cope with […]

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5 Reasons You Need to Get Serious About Your Personal Brand

personal brand tips for entrepreneurs

Why You Need to Get Serious About Your Personal Brand Fifteen years ago nobody talked about your personal brand. What a ridiculous concept! Your personal brand? Are you kidding me? I’ve pretty much heard every insult on the topic… “Personal branding???! These airheads who think they can conjure up something from zip need to get […]

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What Your Boss Wishes You Knew About Digital Marketing

So I was in a meeting last month discussing digital marketing and the CEO turned around and said… “Improve brand perception? Nobody around here knows how to use digital marketing to do that” “Are you sure?” I answered, more than a bit shocked. “Nobody. All anyone talks about is creating viral videos of cats and […]

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Five Tips for an Aspiring Boss Lady

If you’re ready to take on the title of Boss Lady of All Business She Doth Involve Herself In, then I have good news for you. In fact I have great news for you. There’s never been a better time to cut the cord with your employer and strike out on your own. In this […]

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