Seeing Red!

  Well … here we are all safely installed and now living in our delightful ‘Grand Old Lady’! It seems little more than a dream …. She is every inch what I expected; full of character and with the odd draft but teeming with potential and history. We’re still in the very early stages of […]

Typhoon! Fun in the sun at RAF Scampton

  What an amazing day it’s been … And what an amazing day we’ve had! Temperatures and aircraft soared today over RAF Scampton; it was the perfect end to the school summer holiday as we watched the Red Arrows, the RAF Falcon display team and a magnificent Spitfire to name but a few. Here are […]

In an English country garden …

Clearly I’m biased but I do think that these wonderful isles of ours take some beating during the summer months when gardens are in full bloom and (if we’re very lucky) the sun is shining. It’s hard to describe a typical summer … but it’s been reported that it allegedly consists of two fine days […]