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How to Avoid Being an ‘Excuse Victim’

victim of excuses

The prospect of making big changes and or starting out on huge new projects is daunting, let’s face it. We might get a few butterflies in the tummy at the thought of getting started, but for me there is always this teeny voice in the background saying “errrr …. are you really sure about this?” […]

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Ten Signs That You Need to Get Up and Walk Away

Walk Away

A couple of months ago I found myself slowly grinding to a very definite halt. I’d gone from springing out of bed in a morning (yes, even in the darkest deepest winter months …) to having to haul every sinew of my being from my slumber-pit. I’d like to tell you that it happened very […]

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Ten Life Lessons We Shouldn’t Need to Learn the Hard Way

As we make our way through this wonderful, occasionally frustrating, sometimes tragic and yet consistently fascinating journey we call life, it’s safe to say that a few hard truths come home to roost at some point for most of us. Often I’ve thought of them as indiscernible slaps around the head, for it seems that […]

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