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Glossy Magazine Publisher – from Decision to Launch in Just Four Months?

Ever feel that you have an impossible dream because you simply don’t have the experience you believe you need? Here is a fabulous guest post from Hilary Steel of ‘Kent Women In Business’ magazine to disprove that notion …  If you really want to achieve something, I am a firm believer that you will. There […]

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Are We “Too Busy” To Do Business Properly?

  Some time ago I wrote a piece on another site about the process of a face-to-face sales call from the perspective of the would-be buyer, detailing the aspects that they should ensure were adequately covered before they even so much as considered doing business with the other party. Firstly, I mentioned that the salesperson […]

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Working for Nothing – Why it’s Time to Say ‘No’

Working for Nothing

My close friends will tell you that my biggest bugbear is being expected to work for free. Try as I might to rein my frustration in, occasionally I have been known to go ‘pop’ on being told someone wants to ‘pick my brains’ on how to establish a really great social media campaign. Over coffee. […]

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Why Would I Want to Listen to You (and Then Buy From You)?

Business clothes tips

  Non-verbal communication expert Sarah Setterfield looks at how our clothes can improve our chances of business success: This is probably the question going through the mind of every person you are selling to and quite rightly so.  Can you stack the odds in your favour though?  Well I think you can… I was reading […]

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5 Ways to Ease the Pain of ‘Creative Block’

content creation

I’ve just finished a book* that very succinctly outlines how to master a number of social media platforms. It was funny, edgy, cheeky … A bit like me, but formatted for Kindle. It clearly demonstrated how to succeed and fail on most sites citing numerous examples of how well-known brands (and some lesser known) had […]

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