The Empowered Consumer – 5 Facts You Must Not Ignore

Without a shadow of doubt, the biggest ‘winner’ in the rise and rise of social networks has been the consumer. No more must the ‘little man’ suffer the indignation of appalling customer service at the hands of some huge conglomerate, because now he can take to his iPad (other tablets are available) to vent his […]

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Ten Life Lessons We Shouldn’t Need to Learn the Hard Way

As we make our way through this wonderful, occasionally frustrating, sometimes tragic and yet consistently fascinating journey we call life, it’s safe to say that a few hard truths come home to roost at some point for most of us. Often I’ve thought of them as indiscernible slaps around the head, for it seems that […]

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Why Content Alone Won’t Make You King

Make You King

It’s possibly the most overused phrase that we see online …. ‘content is king’. Don’t get me wrong, we’re now producing more content than ever before so it would be foolish of me to suggest that the quality of such is of no consequence. Of course it is. But the notion that well-crafted and ably […]

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Five Habits of a Social Media Superhero

Social Media Superhero

  There are a few prolific users of social media who make it look so easy you’d think they were born with 100,000 followers and a smartphone in their hand. Being flawlessly accomplished online often suggests complex strategic foundations. What’s interesting however is that for the most part the key steps needed to ensure social […]

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The A-Z of Social Media Best Practice

Social Media Best Practice

  A successful social media campaign is made up of a fair number of attributes, habits and qualities. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you learned about them all at an early age. Let me take you right back …. Attitude – there’s a great reason this should be at the top […]

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