5 Tips for Social Media Effectiveness

  Great news! We’re all on social media! We’re on Twitter, Facebook (personal), Facebook (business pages), GooglePlus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, Vine, Tumblr … Phew. Did I miss any out? We’ve all created accounts. So that must be it, right? We’ve done it, surely? We can all now relax and go back to our day […]

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How to Avoid Being an ‘Excuse Victim’

victim of excuses

The prospect of making big changes and or starting out on huge new projects is daunting, let’s face it. We might get a few butterflies in the tummy at the thought of getting started, but for me there is always this teeny voice in the background saying “errrr …. are you really sure about this?” […]

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Social Media Made Easy: the EAT Principle

Social Media Made Easy

Most people are quite surprised when they realise how straightforward the core steps of a successful social media campaign can be. Put quite simply, I describe it as ‘the EAT Principle’ … Engagement – To initiate the interest of others, be interested in others. It’s that simple. As I’ve mentioned previously, it doesn’t matter how […]

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OMG it’s Killed the Business Idea …

small business advice

Guest post from Marc Lawn (the Business GP). Well, not quite, but the first year of any business venture can be one heck of a rollercoaster ride.  There will be emotional highs, and lows, doubts and total conviction and a sense of feeling at times that maybe you needed convicting of something for even attempting […]

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Ten Signs That You Need to Get Up and Walk Away

Walk Away

A couple of months ago I found myself slowly grinding to a very definite halt. I’d gone from springing out of bed in a morning (yes, even in the darkest deepest winter months …) to having to haul every sinew of my being from my slumber-pit. I’d like to tell you that it happened very […]

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