Self-Sabotage: Why it’s Time to Rewire Your Brain


I’ve contemplated the notion of self-sabotage for many years, and during that time I’ve concluded that you really can’t trust your brain. It will play tricks on you. It loves you, but it will deceive you and think nothing of it. Stay with me here, and take a look at the device you’re reading this […]

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Being a Social Media Human

Social Media Human

I make no bones about it… one of the aspects of social media that I’m less than enamoured with is the need that some feel to produce a constant barrage of updates demonstrating what a great life they’re living. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s natural to want to crow about the glamorous time you’re […]

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The Next Big Thing – Stop Looking for It and Start Being It

Many of us ventured online with the intention of standing out and getting noticed. But mostly all we’ve experienced is countless hours, days, months being taken up having nice conversations with little to show for it. If this sounds like you then the time has come to face up to the brutal reality that you’re […]

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Forget the Sales Pitch: How to Use Social Media to Drive Sales [Infographic]

There’s lots of talk out there about social selling, and the messages range from ‘don’t do it’ right through to some involved strategies that take ongoing analytics into account. One thing that has struck me (and the saleswoman that lurks within) is that I’ve yet to read about the buying cycle. “What’s the buying cycle?” […]

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Introducing the Content Distribution Matrix

I’m delighted that Dave Chaffey of SmartInsights has offered to share some of his considerable wisdom on the topic of optimum content distribution with us here. Read on, and absorb… Ta Da! You have invested in creating the best blog content you can to encourage organic sharing via the social networks. Do you leave it […]

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