Social Media: Are You Unfollowing For The Wrong Reasons?

Social Media Resons

  So, you’ve set your up social networks in the hope that by regularly posting and interacting you’ll attract more opportunities for you and your business … Most of us started out in social media with these intentions. But somehow, something happens to many of us once we’ve spent a bit of time finding our […]

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How to Use to Twitter to Connect With Journalists

  I’m thrilled that my good friend Rachael Phillips has penned this useful post. Read it and inwardly digest … “Most companies public relations campaigns revolve around the press release. But let me tell you, the press release is dying. As a journalist I receive a LOT of emails per day, the majority of these […]

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Social Media and Retail: a Match Made in Heaven

Social Media and Retail

  It won’t come as a huge surprise to anyone when I say that I believe that any and every type of business can capitalise on all that social media has to offer. Typically I’ve always thought the great benefit that high street shops have over online retailers is that they can maximise the potential […]

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How Do You Embrace Online Rejection?

  Many wise men and women have commented over the centuries on how negative experience can ultimately shape who we become. I often think a rejection is the universe telling me “friend, you got it wrong this time; do you know why?” via something or someone closer to home. Now that we are all very […]

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