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The Power of Being Yourself

“Just be yourself.”

We hear it every day, so why do we allow ourselves to get swamped by advice telling us how to stand out from the crowd?

Staying true to yourself may seem like the obvious thing to do but often our indecision causes us to falter.

Here’s some evergreen wisdom from ten heavyweights in the ‘Achievement Department’ to help prove our point.

Being Yourself is a Battle That’s Worth Fighting Every Day

What is personal branding

One of life’s dull tendencies is to fool us into believing that becoming what others want us to be is the key to success – it isn’t.

If your instincts tell you to pursue a certain route then you owe it to yourself to listen.

Stop Trying to be Perfect – Just Try to be You

Marilyn Monroe's advice is personal branding brilliance

It’s difficult to take action and make a start on our project when there is tonnes of advice out there telling us how it should be done… And it’s even worse when we see someone else doing the exact opposite, and supposedly getting huge results!

I’m going to let you into a little secret: not everyone tells the truth about their success. I know it’s a shocker, right?!

You don’t need to be perfect, but you do need to be yourself.

Being Yourself Means Saying NO to Mimicry

Advice on standing out

Working on yourself by making sure that you’re effectively communicating your value at all times, both directly and otherwise is vital.

Be confident in the knowledge that true creativity comes from within and cannot be replicated by copying how or what someone else is doing.

Don’t ever be a cheap copy of someone else’s gala performance.

Being Bold Attracts Attention

Solid personal brand advice

It takes courage to break away from the herd. It also takes courage to stand your ground. On your own.

The reason for this is that we believe we must be accepted to be liked – and to be accepted we should look, act and behave as others do.

Not so.

People don’t need you to resemble them. They need you to understand, empathise and inspire – and to do that you must be different. And being yourself is being different.

The Joy of Being Yourself is a Precious Thing

Dali's joy for life

Salvador Dalí stood apart from them all – and he revelled in it.

Can you think of anyone else quite like him? I’d wager you’ll struggle.

He was glorious in his apparent eccentricity, appearance and work.

And he realised that being himself allowed greater creativity, enjoyment and success.

Who doesn’t want that in their life?!

You’re Unique for a Reason

Bruce Lee on why you need to stand out

Do you ever stop and wonder why we all look different? Because that’s what Nature intended.

We were never meant to be carbon copies of one another.

We talk, react and think differently because one size does not and should not fit all.

Glory in your uniqueness, and trust it to deliver.

Nobody is Entitled to Define Who You Are

Don't let other people's narrow thinking affect your brand

We each have the power to define who we are, yet so often we give that power away.

Other opinions (mostly unqualified) start to colour our opinions, and before we know it we’re a paler and insignificant version of ourselves.

What you believe is what you will project, so never let anyone else shape who you are.

Dig Deep and You’ll Be There

Personal brand examples

Years of undertaking roles at home and in business can chip away at your true self.

Personally speaking I’d say that being a mother turned me into another person altogether. I’ve had to reestablish who I was before my son arrived in order to get some clarity in my business.

Disassociated life roles can cause your vision to get a little blurry when it comes to where you’re going professionally, so take some time to refocus if you need.

And don’t rush, because often the greatest discoveries don’t appear straight away.

Don’t Disappear Under a Need for Acceptance 

Being Yourself

Mr Carrey again demonstrates that an overwhelming need for validation by others can cause you to lose sight of yourself.

Don’t sacrifice your calling through pointless efforts to gain needless approval.

Those who matter will support you unconditionally.

Work on Your Resilience Muscle

Personal brand examples

Most of us have experienced the backlash that striking out on our own can bring.

Steeling yourself to finally show the world who you are can cause unwarranted criticism, negativity and in some cases, full-on hatred.

To use a well-worn but highly relevant cliché… It’s not you, it’s them. It really is.

You’ve managed to unconsciously remind them of their own shortcomings, and it’s uncomfortable. As such, some will see it as an attack on their inability to make progress.

So you see it really is about them, not you.

Deflect their hostile fire and stay on course.

Being Yourself Should be Your Life’s Core Aim

If you don’t apply yourself to it you’ll never know how high you could soar, how far you could travel or how much you could achieve.

  • Stay focused
  • Live life in colour
  • Communicate your truth.


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