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The A-Z of Social Media Best Practice


A successful social media campaign is made up of a fair number of attributes, habits and qualities. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that you learned about them all at an early age.

Let me take you right back ….

Attitude – there’s a great reason this should be at the top of the list; if yours isn’t up to scratch (attitude, that is) then go away and come back when you’re ‘on form’.
Brevity – Be succinct wherever possible. Less is more in this game. [tweet this!]
Consistency – There are so many C’s I could have chosen from (really!) … Connect, communicate, collaborate … But consistency tops my list. Keep on doing what you do, and then show up and do it tomorrow, and the next day …
Dependability – Your audience needs to know you’re there for the duration. No flakiness, please!
Empathy – walk a mile in the shoes of your audience. Make the effort to understand and then shape your offering around it.
Follow – Extend the hand of friendship. If you’re too selective about who and why you’re following people then you run the risk of appearing elitist.
Gratitude – Make the act of thanking people a habit that happens without you even having to think about it.
Helpfulness – We all know we should help whenever we can. What we possibly don’t know is that the core of social media success depends on it. Do the H word.
Inspiration – Your audience needs this more than you know. The power of what can be achieved when someone has been truly inspired is unsurpassed. It’s possibly the most empowering favour you can do for someone.
Justness – Be fair and balanced at all times. Social networks are not the place for wild erratic claims or behaviour if you’re wanting to make a positive and sustained impact.
Kindness – Successful types know the power of a kind word, and why paying it forward is such a critical element in social marketing [tweet this!] The impact can ricochet indefinitely.
Levity – A day without humour would be unthinkable for me. Granted, not every situation can be whittled down to a witticism, but you’d be surprised how many can.
Magnanimous – Learn to be generous and forgiving. If it doesn’t come easy, practice until it is. Share, assist and support …
Noble – In terms of social media, this has nothing to do with ‘class’. It’s about being someone who understands the importance of good character and integrity. Let this shine through.
Over-deliver – Tell me what you’re going to do for me and then don’t just go the extra mile, go ten. Heck, go fifty!
Positivity – Nobody really wants to hear that you’re in a bad mood. Really they don’t. Be the optimistic smile on the face of social media; it will get you so much further, trust me.
Quit – As in “know when to …” We’ve all had people try and provoke us by being deliberately offensive or rude, right? I had a superb piece of advice some years ago on how to handle this … Walk away. Without giving it a second thought. In this instance and this instance only, I refer you to the Q word.
Responsiveness – Don’t wait an age before responding to people. It’s not always possible to reply within minutes, but stay on top of things. Two hours is acceptable, two days isn’t …
Selflessness – No matter how talented and entertaining you may be, your spell in the limelight will have a clear date-stamp on it if you make this all about what’s good for you.
Thoughtful – Leading on from the point above. Remembering tiny details and referring back to them tells your audience that you listen (yes … I could have used that as my ‘L’ too …)
Unflappable – When all about you are losing their heads … You know how this goes. Be calm in the face of adversity. Be the steady hand that steers the ship through stormy waters.
Volunteer – Never be too big to give back. Nobody is that huge. [tweet this!]
Warmhearted – Coldness is so pre-social media!
X – Really? You expected a word beginning with x? …. X-traordinary ….
You – Never hide behind the wall of business on any social media network … Show me the person behind all the amazing stuff you do. I prefer people to slick robots; we all do.
Zeal – Energy is infectious. But if like me you need downtime occasionally, then take it. Genuine pep is so much more effective than forced enthusiasm.

It’s not rocket science, is it?

But these habits will propel you into the social media stratosphere if you embrace and adopt them
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Chad @ The Road Dog Blog says

Nice list. If everyone developed even half of these habits, the social media world would be a nicer place. I like that you mention “follow”, it’s a pet peeve of mine to see people on Twitter with thousands of followers who only follow back 10 or so people.

    debsylee says

    Thanks so much, Chad- I agree! It would be so much nicer 😉

Contented Traveller says

Thank you, it is always difficult to understand ‘best practice’

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Ladey says

Love the List – favourite word. K for Kindness

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