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How to Avoid Being an ‘Excuse Victim’

The prospect of making big changes and or starting out on huge new projects is daunting, let’s face it.

We might get a few butterflies in the tummy at the thought of getting started, but for me there is always this teeny voice in the background saying “errrr …. are you really sure about this?”

And the truth is I’m rarely one hundred per cent sure about anything …. if I stop and think about it.

But what I have discovered is that when I step back for a couple of seconds, close my eyes and take a deep breath in, I can tap into my instinct. And if my instinct tells me “do it” then I know I need to take action. No excuses.

And this much I now know is true: the time will never be absolutely perfect. And you don’t have as much time as you think you do.

I can always find an excuse if I really want to … I need better equipment, I need to speak to somebody for their advice, I need to do more research, I need to check out what the competition is doing ….

They’re only excuses and if I let them take root, they’ll hold me back and hence become obstacles. If however they’re valid causes for concern then my instinct will soon sniff them out.

Don’t let your excuses become your obstacles.

Finding reasons not to do something is easy. Taking action and getting started is much harder.

Not taking action will eventually sabotage you.

Don’t become a victim of your excuses.

Photo courtesy of  Tiago del Castro

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Eddie says

Hi Deborah,

Thanks for your post, I have actually just watching a video on goals, and how it is a promise we make we about to break.

When I just started my business I would find excuses for everything and could procrastinate all day long, eventually I managed to force myself to do things. It can be hard to start with but if you make a conscious effort to change that habit you will manage to get a lot done.

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